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Other Names: Pins, Pinnies

Size: Common up to 8 in.

Habitat: Coastal waters near structure and grass beds. Can tolerate brackish waters. Found commonly in waters from 1 to 50ft. Feed on small fish and invertebrates.

Range: In the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas to Florida. On the Atlantic coast from the Florida peninsula to Massachusetts.

Bait Quality: Excellent. This is a favorite baitfish for inshore and offshore fisherman alike. Very hardy in a live well or bucket. This is a favorite food of redfish, speckled trout, flounder, tarpon, redfish, black drum, cobia, grouper, and snapper. (any nearshore gamefish will readily eat a pinfish)

Makin' Bait Tips: Cast-netting in grass beds or around structure will typically have great results. Size #6 sabiki rigs tipped with shrimp or squid work very well when fished near structures or grass beds. Pinfish traps work well overnight.

Additional Information: Named for their pointy spines along their back – be careful when handling these fish!